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2018 08 24 | Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning – HCMC


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Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategic workforce planning represents an opportunity – an opportunity for leadership to articulate a vision and drive toward it; an opportunity to create strategies that allow staff to advance and to grow in functions that they know really matter to the organization; and an opportunity for the organization to achieve efficiencies that allow for new investments, to drive innovation, and to invent new and more effective ways of working.
In this half-day introduction session, participants will get an overview of what is strategic workforce planning and the importance of activities done during workforce planning session to the organization.

• What is strategic workforce planning
• Steps in strategic workforce planning
• Internal and external influences in workforce planning
• Labour shortage and labour surplus
• Key planning initiatives and strategies

– Recruitment and retention
– Training and Development
– Succession Planning
– HR Technology

• Benefits of a effective strategic workforce plan
• Issues in workforce planning

Participants will also receive a sample strategic workforce planning template that can be  used as guide when you conduct the workforce planning in your organization.

Language: English
To ensure an effective discussion, we would like to limit the number of seat to 100. 

Trainer Profile
Mila Pascual-Nodusso, Strategic HR Leader at IBM and Transformational Executive Coach to CHROs and Emerging Leaders in ASEAN region.

The download link is here:

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