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[Organized by Dynamic Consulting] Workshop “Design Incentive Scheme”


Every year or during a defined period of time, any organizations need to promote or encourage specific actions or behavior of specific group of employees through an incentive program. This program as pay for performance—needs to consider and balance several factors such as: income of employees vs their contribution to company results, the threshold and upside levels vs the employee motivation and financial risks, etc…

The course is designed to provide the principles of design Incentive Scheme to balance all these factors. It is very appropriate for HR Managers, C&B Specialist, Sales Managers, even General Managers who would like to equip fundamental principles to design effective Incentive Scheme for specific group of employees.

Workshop Calendar in 2016:

  • Workshop 1: 2 days (4 & 5/04/2016) or
  • Workshop 2: 2 days ((13 &14/09/2016)

Venue: 4th Floor, 69-71 Thach Thi Thanh St, Dist 1, HCMC

Registration: Ms. Xuan Dung | Tel: (84-8) 3820 9499, 3820 9389 | Email: [email protected]

Workshop fee:

  • VND 5,300,000/pax ( Not include VAT)
  • VND 5,830,000/pax (Include VAT)

(Includes materials, lunch, tea-break, certificates and invoice finance)

Design Incentive Scheme-DC-0

Design Incentive Scheme-DC-1

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