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[VNHR] Factory talk “The Adapting to change”



Les Brown, an American author said: “You cannot expect to achieve new goals or overcome current scenario without any change”. With insight into the importance of the change and its impact on the human resources sector, as of July 17, 2015, VNHR has held the talk over “The Adapting to change” under the coordination of Ms. Vo Thi Thu Trang (HR Director – American Standard Vietnam).


The talk has drawn attention from 20 VNHR members, especially human resources managers in charge of production personnel, many of whom have shared about some fundamental changes in their job and life. An accountant turned human resources professional, Ms. Hoang Thi Thanh Nhan cannot avoid the initial feeling of novelty about her surroundings, which is the very turning point when she changes everything.

According to her, there are many subjective and objective reasons leading to any change and such change only really takes the active course as each individual and the business grasps matters, identifies action targets.

Speaker Vo Thi Thu Trang – HR Director, American Standard Vietnam

Working stereotypically without flexibility, an organization or business will trigger boredom, lose its competitiveness. Disentangling it from such scenario demands any more innovative breakthrough. However, when the change takes place, not everyone is adaptive, each people will receive it in his own way. Some will falter, fear, some will protest or take sides with the majority, but some will move forward despite challenges. As such, the attitude of the managers plays a significant role in encouraging employees to take more positive perspective, command a better understanding of the benefits that such change brings.

Any change is the entire process that cannot take place overnight and depend very much on perceptions and attitudes people take in receiving it. Mr. Tang Quoc Bao shares that he felt afraid of getting a new job, it is the first stage often found in people who began to change. However, in making himself acquainted with the substance of the issues and determining to pursuit the job to the last minute, Mr. Bao has better self-control after just one week of familiarizing himself with such change.

At the talk, many interesting games such as “breakthrough in thinking” or “what group of people you belong to” are constantly proposed to help those working in the human resources area to see their reaction to changes to draw meaningful lessons therefrom, learn how to take advantage of resources, staff management in the face of the business changes.

Ms. Tran Phuong Nga (HR Director – Big C Group) appreciates the practicality of this talk. Besides these macro-objectives built by the business, she defines her own goals, updates more information, new trends of human resources sector through exchange of the other colleagues. Understanding the complexity of the change, mastering emotions and readying any work with a different mindset are what VNHR is geared toward in this talk.

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