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[VNHR] Love-laden Bikes



On 08/08/2015, Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR) in collaboration with Stravel Tourist company organized the charity trip called “Love-bike round“, donating 30 bicycles and 30 notebooks for pupils of primary school Long Hau (Can Giuoc, Long An). This is also an opportunity for the members to meet and participate in many other significant activities.

The warmth of bike affection

The new school year is approaching, with the desire to share the difficulties partly on the way to school with students in Can Giuoc district, nearly 50 members of VNHR arrived and handed them the bikes and notebooks. However, prior to belonging to the new “owners”, the bikes had accompanied the members on many stretches of sunny rural road to reach the market of Lac Tan crossroads in the ordeal of country secret decoding that the organizers set out.

Members of VNHR are HR managers who are experienced and enthusiastic with community activities, so they are very flexible in the completion of the ordeal. Team spirit is also evidently expressed when they were riding together on the bikes and solving puzzles of Vietnamese folk songs and proverbs.


Solving the puzzles together

On board on small ferries in the rain on the rural river, the Members have reached Long Hau Primary School under the welcome of Leadership, parents and many pupils. Because of difficult family situations, the pupils of grade 4, grade 5 here are smaller in body in comparison with other pupils of the same age. Seeing the pupils so excited to receive gifts, all the people were moved. Headmaster of the school, Mr. Pham Tan Liet said: “The children present today are from far away communes, very difficult to go to school, especially when they are preparing to reach level 2”.


Members of VNHR awarding bicyles and gifts to the pupils

Showing ability of rural cooks

Love bike-round” is not only a volunteering charity program but also a chance for Members to find waterway countryside for relaxation after working days. Understanding the significance of the programme, as well as it was the weekend, not only Ms. Tran Thi Quynh My (Samsung Vina Electronics Company) but many other Members have registered for their family members to participate in the event.

Coming to the programme, the Members themselves will be the cooks for their lunch. With raw materials prepared by organizing board, everybody was confident with the team’s resourcefulness. Each team will show their capability with different dishes, one team making pancakes, another team cooking grilled mullet fish, another team cooking the red tilapia fish sour soup, and another team making coconut jelly. The male Members were efficient kitchen assistants for the females.


Many members cooked grilled mullet fish for the first time

After a day riding in the countryside sun, everyone had good appetite when enjoying delicious dishes out of his own hands. The lunch in old countryside house with Acoustic band from Saigon brought a lively and memorable atmosphere.

At the end of the trip, limpid smile and innocence of the children in Long Hau primary school engraved forever in people’s minds. Thereby, the positive feedbacks from Members are the power motivating VNHR to organize further practical and meaningful volunteering charity trips.

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