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[HCM] 24/08/2018 | Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning

[HCM] 24/08/2018 | Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning

8:30 sáng - 12:00 chiều ngày 24/08/2018

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174A Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 6, Dist 3, Ho Chi Minh City

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Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning
Strategic workforce planning represents an opportunity – an opportunity for leadership to articulate a vision and drive toward it; an opportunity to create strategies that allow staff to advance and to grow in functions that they know really matter to the organization; and an opportunity for the organization to achieve efficiencies that allow for new investments, to drive innovation, and to invent new and more effective ways of working.
In this half-day introduction session, participants will get an overview of what is strategic workforce planning and the importance of activities done during workforce planning session to the organization.

• What is strategic workforce planning
• Steps in strategic workforce planning
• Internal and external influences in workforce planning
• Labour shortage and labour surplus
• Key planning initiatives and strategies

– Recruitment and retention
– Training and Development
– Succession Planning
– HR Technology

• Benefits of a effective strategic workforce plan
• Issues in workforce planning

Participants will also receive a sample strategic workforce planning template that can be  used as guide when you conduct the workforce planning in your organization.

Language: English
To ensure an effective discussion, we would like to limit the number of seat to 100. 

FREE to VNHR Members
660,000VND/ Non – member registration.

Trainer Profile

Mila Pascual-Nodusso, Strategic HR Leader at IBM and Transformational Executive Coach to CHROs and Emerging Leaders in ASEAN region.

She is a HR leader and transformational leadership coach with over 16 years of experience from different countries across APAC in the different functions of human resources management and development, and in developing business leaders. She is a sought after Executive Coach for HR Leaders in Southeast Asia and for Emerging Leaders in organizations within Asia Pacific region.
Mila is a certified Senior HR Practitioner with SHRM and a certified coach from International Coach Federation and World Association of Business Coaches. She had been enabling HR teams within and outside of IBM through training, seminars and as a consultant.

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