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Trang chủ Tin tuyển dụng Supervisor Traffic Control & Reprocess

Supervisor Traffic Control & Reprocess

Công ty TNHH Lazada Express Vietnam

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  • Supervise and organize reprocess and traffic control staffs’ works and productivity, shift working and overtime properly according to the work demand.
  • Troubleshoot and provide solutions for issues occurred during operations to ensure the smooth goods flow.
  • Ensure all the packages are perfect condition for DWS (Dimension Weight Scanning) and Auto-sorting system.
  • Manage communication with other departments (Hubs, Route, CS, AS, Security) regarding flawed shipments, incorrect information, loss and other related issues.
  • Ensure the working place clean & neat as 5S standards.
  • Report daily reprocessed shipment numbers and performance to ensure drivers and merchants follow PEN (Perfect Shipment Entering Network) guidelines.
  • Produce, control and track vehicle flow traffic schedule and trends to be monitored and assessed.
  • Handle other tasks assigned by the line managers.
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