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Trang chủ Tin tuyển dụng HR Manager – Business Partner – Sales – Hà Nội

HR Manager – Business Partner – Sales – Hà Nội

Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage
15F, Lotte Center Hà Nội, 54 Liễu Giai, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

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HRM - BP is responsible for ensuring HR practices including company policies and regulations are properly undertaken at the functional/location level, acting as company’s representative at the location and ensuring all daily HR activities are in line with guidance and service level agreement (SLA). The position also provides technical expertise and advice/solutions/interventions to the local management team and his/ her Direct Reports on identifying and solving HR related issues. 1. Building Talent supply - Assesses the current and future resource and talent levels, to determine short-medium term strengths, gaps and needs. - Uses analytical and experiential data to have an understanding of individual talent’s performance and potential - Drives headcount planning, org structure design/changes at location/functional level to continue improving productivity and efficiency - Fulfills and ensures enough resources right time and right place. - Analyses/diagnoses staffing report and TO report to generate insights and come up with solutions - in coordination with TA team - Partners with TA team to ensure Talent mapping for better talent pool management - Performs as representatives for EVP activities at function/location, including fresh talent program 2. Learning & Capability Development - Performs training needs analysis/ profile in respective location/function to build up holistic capability building plan - Provides insight on prioritization of learning and capability needs to improve performance - Takes accountability for and ensures smooth delivery of PMP process (Objectives setting, Mid year/Year end review, and quality of calibration…) - Ensures employee orientation/induction at location being delivered OTIF with high quality, in coordination with TD team - Be facilitator in orientation and other training courses as nominated/aligned with TD team - Takes accountability for fresh talent program rotation/development plan - Leads Talent review & succession planning periodically to have timely and proper action, interventions to retain/develop/accelerate and manage talents. Supports managers in activating stretching but realistic career & development plans for all. Offers advice and challenge to the plans. 3. General administration & Total Rewards - Manages the communication and implementation of performance and reward processes and policies - Challenges Org Leaders to make appropriate recognition and reward decisions - Diagnoses and addresses job level, performance and reward issues and opportunities and makes recommendations to business and HRLT for structural change or adjustments to market positioning. - Supports HR leaders to roll out existing programmes to the business and manage changes to ongoing programmes - Builds networks with Expertise team and externally to understand current trends and innovations - Looks for ways to continually improve employees’ understanding of their overall reward package. - Ensures individual reward issues are tailored to meet the needs of the organization & the individual (e.g. new hire remuneration, transfers, retention).. - Monitors and addresses legal compliance issues to by ensuring that the organization complies with local and national laws (for e.g. recruitment,... 4. Insights/strategy and solutions - Builds a picture of what’s happening in the organization and externally in order to spot opportunities and patterns within organization and uses these to develop new actionable, insights. Shares and discusses with HR Director - BP. - Works closely with expertise teams and external specialists to keep ahead of emerging trends, ideas and innovations. - Uses knowledge of emerging trends to build innovative HR solutions to respond to short term challenges and leads the HR advisors to create solutions that deliver value in line with the business and HR plans. - Actively participates in meetings in order to report on HR priority progress and emerging business needs. - Manages and evaluates the efficient delivery of HR programmes and projects within the organization - Training and coaching managers in delivery and dealing with concerns raised by employees. - Articulates HR priorities at all levels: Metrics, business updates, emerging business needs or share best practice.... 5. Organizational Development Team and Individual Effectiveness - Develops and applies tools to assess needs related to organization development, uses diverse interventions in a joined up programme to address these - Influences and challenges managers re: how to improve performance based on analysis of data relating to culture, values, environment, team effectiveness and change readiness - Develops a business case for these interventions, based on sound data and insight, including impact of plan and risk - Uses diagnostic tools to assess the organization's capabilities (such as personality assessment, team diagnostic tools, employee satisfaction tools, cultural assessments, visioning and organizational effectiveness diagnostics and so on) and uses insights to feed into global/functional strategy. - Continues the journey of embedding the organizational values and behaviours into the organization. - Designs and facilitates team building, culture building and change acceleration events based on diagnostic... 6. Change Management - Develops a change-ready culture by engaging stakeholders, communicating a powerful vision, working in a transparent manner and creating trust. - Translates the OD strategy into achievable plans and priorities, identifying any risks to delivery and unintended consequences. Tests plan with team involved in supporting the change. - Manages the implementation of simple organization development interventions and change acceleration programmes to create a culture/environment that positively impacts performance. - Leads and influences change: develops detailed project plans, risk management strategy, assess and review the impact of solutions, stays alert to changes in context and makes appropriate corrections to strategy and solutions. - Oversees the analysis of data to measure progress against the planned business case for change. Uses this to influence discussion as to next steps with line managers and HR Leadership. - Creates an organizational identity internally and externally through ... 7. Coaching - Coaches to improve individual and team performance based on deep understanding of organizational development practices. - Develops and implements OD communication plans and engages managers and other stakeholders. - Demonstrates and role-models high standards of personal coaching and mentoring. - Coaches managers to assess the capability, culture and environment of the team using appropriate behaviour, attitude and culture models to build appropriate interventions to improve performance. - Works in partnership with leaders to provide challenge, legal guidance and advice in dealing with difficult people issues in a fair, straightforward manner and without delay. Qualifications • University graduate • Background in social sciences/ economics/ HR • Minimum 5 years of experiences in HR management • Good at business partnering mindset and communication skill • People skills and strong interpersonal skills • Sharp at business understanding and general knowledge in HR • Self-driven, proactive, can-do spirit for improvement • Communication skills, Presentation skills & Influencing skills • English proficiency
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Suntory Pepsico Vietnam Beverage
15F, Lotte Center Hà Nội, 54 Liễu Giai, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

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