Hồ Chí Minh - 03/10/2020

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Objectives: Provide foundation knowledge & techniques to enable HR and C&B professionals building their compensation structure in line with their companies’ circumstance
Cung cấp cho các Cán bộ Quản lý Nhân sự và Chuyên viên Quản lý Lương và Phúc lợi những kiến thức và kỹ năng cơ bản giúp cho họ có khả năng xây dựng và quản lý cấu trúc lương và phúc lợi thích ứng với tình hình hoạt động của công ty.

Target participants: HR Manager, C&B Manager/Specialist, Max 25 pax
Các Trưởng phòng Nhân sự, các Trưởng phòng/Chuyên viên Quản lý Lương và Phúc Lợi, Tối đa 25 người.

Prerequisition: 2-3 year experience in Human Resources Management or Compensation & Benefits Management; Experience in payroll, Good knowledge of Vietnam Labor Law; Good at Excel; Participation in Pre-course survey
Học viên có từ 2-3 năm kinh nghiệm về quản trị nhân sự hoặc quản lý lương và phúc lợi; Có kinh nghiệm về bảng lương; Hiểu biết tốt về Luật Lao động của Việt Nam; Thành thạo về Excel; Tham gia trả lời khảo sát Trước khoá học.

Laptop is required/Yêu cầu mang theo laptop
Training Schedule/ Thời gian:  9:00AM – 5:00 PM,  03,10,17 và 24/10/2020
Venue/Địa điểm: tại HCM, cập nhật cụ thể sau

Reading recommendation:

  1. Building Pay Structures
  2. Common_Compensation_Terms_and_Formulas 
  3. Compensation Basics for HR Generalists
  4. Creating a Competitive Salary Structure

SĐT hỗ trợ: 028 3820 3625

Fee: including training materials, lunchs, teabreaks.
(disclusive of 10%VAT)

  • 7,000,000VND/ pax
  • Discount 15% VNHR Standard Member
  • Discount 20% VNHR Upgrade Member 

Trainer Profiles:

Mr Le Duc Thuan: 30 years of working experience in various industries, including textile and garment, oil and gas, fast moving consumer goods, construction materials, real-estate development and management, and financial service.
20 years specialized in human resources management with strong capability and experience from set up foundation of personnel management, leading organizational change in the country to managing total rewards at region level.

Working history:

  • In Vietnam: Head of Human Resources of multinational companies, such as Schlumberger, Nestlé, NS BlueScope Steel, Ho Tram Project, and KS Drilling.
  • Outside Vietnam: Human Resources Manager of Transocean, North East Asia Area; Compensation and Benefits Manager of Transocean, Asia Pacific Australasia Region.  
  • Consultancy experience: Human resources development consultancy for Viet A Bank, Hung Vuong Insurance Company, Toshiba Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Security Company.
  • Member of Management Committee of Vietnam Human Resources Club (VNHR) from 2008 to 2013.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the National Economics University, Ha Noi, Vietnam.  

Ms Thuy Le: Thuy Le got nearly 20 year experience in both frontline and back office business functions. She exposed and grew up with challenges in sales, marketing and customer services before her HR career with AIA Insurance Company from 2000 in charge of staff training and development. After 4 years of good performance she was proposed the opportunity as Head of Quality Business to manage and develop a big team of about 40 members across Vietnam for providing excellent customer services and premium collection to policy owners. In 2007 Thuy took up the position of Training and Recruitment Manager with ICI Paints and was then promoted to Organizational Development Manager after one year, responsible for all operation aspects of Human Resources Management.

The next level of Thuy’s career was her time with Japan Tobacco International as HR and Admin Manager, a member of excom team to develop and implement HR strategies, to lead HR projects and to design and implement effective HR business partnership in line with business plan and strategies. Following that trend, she joined Lafarge Vietnam in 2011 leading HR and Admin Team to deliver all HR services and HRIS and business projects from strategy to action to two business lines. Along the way she joined DBM/LHH and Human Dynamics as an associate consultant and facilitator.

Ms Tran Thi Kim Hoan: A dedicated senior professional with 10+ year experience in General Human Resource Management (HRM); especially in Compensation management, and strategic HR planning gained from HR operational and consulting environment.

Delivered several restructuring remuneration package projects to FDI clients.

Content/ Nội dung khóa học

Day/ Ngày Contents/ Nội dung Trainers/ Giảng viên
1 Part 1: Overview of Comensation and Benefit Management/ Tổng quan về Quản trị lương và Phúc lợi


Part 2: What is Pay for 3Ps/ Chi trả cho 3Ps là gì?

Part 3:  Job Analysis and Job Description/ Phân tích Công việc (PTCV) và Mô tả Công việc (MTCV)

Part 4:  Writing job descriptions/ Thực hành viết MTCV

Thành viên Tổ tư vấn C&B VNHR

Anh Lê Đức Thuận
Chị Trần Thị Kim Hoàn
Chị Lê Thị Thanh Thủy

2 Part 5: Job Evaluation/ Đánh giá Công việc (ĐGCV)


Part 6:  Common methods in Job Evaluation/ Các phương pháp ĐGCV phổ biến

Part 7:  Points Method and Practice/ Phương pháp tính điểm và thực hành

3 Part 8:  Market Analysis/ Phân tích dữ liệu thị trường
Part 9:  Building Salary Structure/ Xây dựng Thang bảng Lương
Part 10: Practice Building Salary Structure/ Thực hành xây dựng thang bảng lương
4 Part 11: Salary Review/ Xem xét tăng lương
Part 12: Practice Salary Review/ Thực hành Xem xét tăng lương
Wrap up sessionTổng kết khóa học

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