Leadership during disruption and uncertainty: keeping your teams motivated and engaged

Leadership during disruption and uncertainty: keeping your teams motivated and engaged

Hồ Chí Minh - 22/05/2020

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Webinar: Leadership during disruption and uncertainty: keeping your teams motivated and engaged

(Webinar: Lãnh đạo trong kỷ nguyên biến động: tạo động lực và gắn kết nhân viên)

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Zoom webinar | Fri, 22th May 2020 | 15:00- 16:30 

Delivered language in Webinar: English
We will examine the main sources and impacts of stress and anxiety in the Covid period and unpack some key lessons for leaders from the science of motivation.  

We will also share our insights on the character strengths of the Vietnamese workforce and what this means for motivation and incentives in the local context.
- Recognise indicators of stress and anxiety 
- Act early to address the root causes 
- Motivate your team with strategies tailored for their personal capacities 
- Leverage your team’s character strengths to optimise teamwork and productivity

- Focus on leadership on these issues, not just management

Speaker: Ms My Holland - CEO EQuest Asia

My was born in the south of France near Bordeaux. She has a masters in International Business (Paris) and an MBA (San Francisco).  She specialises in creating positive change and happiness in various working environments across Australia, Vietnam, New Zealand and the other Asean countries. Companies and business organisations that have engaged her expertise have seen their employees transformed into more engaged, productive, motivated and more importantly, happy working groups. A certified Assessor-coach and a learned lecturer, My is dedicated to bringing well-being and engagement at work. She enjoys martial arts and any opportunity to learn a new skill. Her company-EQuest Asia’s mission is to empower people to be their best version of themselves.
  • About EQuest Asia
    EQuest Asia helps organisations to build resilience, optimism and positivity.  Some of the challenges we address include: managing stress, maintaining productive working relationships, and keeping the team spirit alive.  We do this in various ways including psychometric assessments (including EQ), team workshops and seminars, one-on-one coaching and retreats.  With the additional pressures of the virus it’s really important to plan carefully how we manage our emotional energies.  We all have limits and we need to learn how to understand them.  The good news is that the more we understand our emotions, the more we realise we have hidden reserves of strength and resilience.  This can help us to maintain our wellbeing, stay connected and face up to anxiety, stress and uncertainty with self belief and confidence.

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03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Ngày 22/05/2020

03:00 PM - 04:30 PM

Ngày 22/05/2020