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[HR Academy] Survey on HR Best Practices in Vietnam 2017


In order to have an overview on the status of HR Best Practices in Vietnam and to answer the questions whether the modern approaches of HRM from global companies could have been adapted to practice in Vietnam and which HRM ‘Best Practices’ approaches most suitable for Vietnam. HR Academy is implementing a survey to investigate how the ‘HR Best Practices’ are currently applied at the organizations so that Business Leaders and HR Professionals can see the pros and cons to adjust their HR strategy and to achieve business goals in the more and more competitive environment.

The survey will be accumulated, analyzed and reported by HR Academy’s HR Experts. To thank for your support, we will offer:

  • One 500,000 VND voucher to join HR Media’s events in 2018
  • One advance copy of the findings (in March, 2018) for those who join the survey

BEGIN THE SURVEY HERE: http://bit.ly/2As78eW

Please take note that SURVEY CLOSING JANUARY 31st, 2018. All your personal information will be treated with full confidentiality.

About HR Academy:

HR Academy is the pioneer company in Vietnam focusing on training the Human Resources Management and Techniques from fundamental to master for all level from entry, professional, management to executive.

HR Academy provides the short training courses on the three pillars:

  • Leadership
  • HR Management
  • HR Management

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