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[Organized by HRMAsia] HR Summit Singapore 2016 | 17-18 May 2016


HR Summit Singapore 2016 brings together the best minds in HR, management strategy and HR services from South East Asia and beyond, to connect and learn for two exciting full days.
Bringing people and ideas together, this is THE event to attend if you want to meet link-minded people, network and broaden your mind, build on what you already know, and even question what you think you know.

We hope you will chose to join us at Asia’s biggest and most empowering HR and management event of the year.

We have the following Discount schemes available for early registrants:

• Until 19th FEB 2016Loyalty discount expiry (exclusively reserved to individuals who have attended a past HR Summit) – first attachment with the regular early bird price
• Until 15th April 2016 – Early Bird discount expiry (for those who haven’t attended the past HR SUMMIT) – 2nd attachment
PLUS Group Discounts – Additional to the Loyalty and Early Bird discounts with a minimum of 5 registrations

Choose your level of access according to your learning objectives and company budget via 6 dynamic Conference streams:

For more information, please contact Ms. Anh Tho – COO via email: [email protected] to register.


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