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Managers and HR Professionals face the challenge of dealing with an increasingly diverse workforce. Managing that diversity can be more and more difficult for those in charge.

This course is designed to offer participants a solid understanding of what diversity is. how they can benefit from it, and how they can manage it within their organizations to ensure their business stay ahead.



  • Appreciate the effects of one’s own cultural roots, biases and stereotypes on perception and behavior
  • Understand the challenges managers face as they work with diversity and cross-cultural organizational issues
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of diversity on organizational effectiveness and profit
  • Develop an intervention for diversity management within an organizational setting
  • Use the tools for assessing themselves and organizations in respect of diversity


Module 1: Introduction Diversity Management

  • Diversity Drivers: Overview
  • The definition of diversity
  • Types of Diversity
  • Four Layers of Diversity
    – Personality
    – Internal Dimensions
    – External Dimensions
    – Organizational Dimensions
  • Significance of Workforce Diversity
  • The Business Case for Diversity
  • The benefits of workforce diversity management

Module 2: Understanding the Range of Cultural Behaviors and Expectations

  • Culture as Behavioral Software
  • Sources of Cultural Programming
  • Understanding Cultural Programming
    – Sense of self and space
    – Communication and language
    – Dress and appearance
    – Food and eating habits
    – Time and time consciousness
    – Relationships
    – Values and Norms
    – Beliefs and attitudes
    – Mental processes and learning
    – Work habits and practices

Module 3: Competencies Required to manage diversity

  • Challenges For Management
  • Diversity Initiatives
  • Stages of Diversity Awareness
  • Managers’ competencies – leading diverse teams
  • How to be an inclusive manager

Module 4: Diversity Management Change Process

  • Step 1 Diversity Steering Committee
  • Step 2 Scenarios of the future
  • Step 3 Vision and strategy
  • Step 4 Diversity Audit
  • Step 5 Company Goals
  • Step 6 Diversity Management Implementation

Module 5: What the basics operational initiatives to consider

  • Conduct a strategic and operation analysis
  • Implement competency based recruitment
  • Explore new/potential markets.
  • Business planning to be oriented towards Customer Needs
  • Develop strong internal communication systems
  • Use diversity as a tool to build winning business
  • Evaluate the potential costs and benefits of implementing diversity policies
  • Seek external support to help you to adopt diversity processes
  • The HR actions toward Diversity as a Resource
  • Diversity Management Implementation Principles

Module 6: Diversity Audits Tools

  • Diversity Audit – a Self-assessment Tool for Companies
  • Managers’ competencies – leading diverse teams (behavioural descriptors)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: HR Professionals and Senior Managers


  • Lecture
  • Case studies
  • Sharing of experience

COURSE DURATION: 2-day training


8:00AM – 5:00PM
March 23 & 24th, 2017
Vissai Saigon Hotel
144 Nguyen Van Troi, Ward 8, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC, Vietnam

TUITION FEE: (inclusive VAT)

– Early bird: 4,500,000VND/pax by March 15th, 2017

– Standard: 5,500,000VND/pax after March 15th,2017


Sue_lim avatar full
Dr. Sue Lim Soh Buay
HR Consultant & Trainer

Sue Lim is a human resources consultant and trainer with more than 20 years of hands-on experience working with renowned MNCs such as Monsanto, Becton Dickinson, The Body Shop and Watson’s Personal Care Store.

Sue Lim holds a degree in Economics from the University of Lancaster, UK. In addition, she possesses a Master of Business Administration from the University of Nottingham, UK and a doctorate degree in business management from Ifugao State University, Philippines.

She was selected to attend leadership training conducted by World Heath Organization while working with Becton Dickinson and won an Employee of the Year award during her tenure with The Body Shop.

In the entire span of her corporate career, Sue always had to cover the whole spectrum of human resources functions and took the most pride in her “people development” achievements. She had groomed many staff who subsequently assumed senior positions inside and outside of the organizations. Her other strengths are human resource function start-up and managing geographically dispersed employees.

Sue has trained (in-house and public seminar) and consulted extensively in HR related areas such as recruitment/selection, performance management and human resources development. Her areas of specialisation in human resources development are training need assessment and also conducting Train the Trainer course.

She has conducted HRM and management development programmes for organizations in Singapore, Vietnam, Brunei and Malaysia. She was also the HR Consultant for a foreign university based in Sarawak, Malaysia, as well as a public listed company, where she assisted the management to set up their Key Performance Indicators and Performance Management Systems.


If you need further information about this training course, please feel free to contact Mr. Thien Ho, Cellphone: +84 938 140 009, Email: thien.ho@hracademy.edu.vn.

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